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(1) Graduate with Psychology Honours from Ranchi University (placed First Class Second)
(2) M.Sc. in Applied Psychology from Kolkata University and a Career Counsellor.
(3) Done Executive course in computer.


(1) Has worked as counselor at the Child Guidance Clinic in Moulali for 3 years.
(2) Has worked as career counselor at the career guidance and counseling centre in Asutosh College Training Centre for 10 years under the guidance of Prof. J.Mondal.
(3) Was attached with Techno India and then Gokhale College as a Counselor.
(4) At present working with Performing Arts Therapy Centre as coordinator and lecturer in Rabindra Bharati University.


(1) Received Junior Diploma in Bharat Natyam from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, in 1973. Placed in First Division with distinction.
(2) Received “Sangeet Prabhakar” title for Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, in 1978. Placed in First Division with distinction.
(3) Received “Sangeet Praveen” title (which is equivalent to Master’s Degree M.A.) for Kathak (Theory and Practical) from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, in 1991. Placed in First Division and stood First in India in order of merit and received Gold Medal.
(Prayag Sangeet Samiti is the most renowned and prestigious University of Classical Dance and Music in India).
(4) Learned Kathakali and Manipuri, other two Indian classical dance forms from well known ‘Gurus’ for several years.
(5) Well versed in all the folk dances of India.


Bengali, Hindi and English.


(1) Famous exponent of Jaipur gharana in Kathak, Late Pandit Ramgopal Mishra, gave lessons for seven years.
(2) Prabhushankar Mishra, well known student of Birju Maharaj, gave lessons for two years.
(3) Guru Natarajan, gave lessons for Bharatnatyam.
(4) Received special lessons from Guru “Nrityabaridhi” Bela Arnab of Lucknow Gharana for twelve years.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE In the field of dance

(1) Taught classical and traditional Indian dances at Tagore Society, the most renowned cultural institute in Jamshedpur, from 1978 to 1983.
(2) Taught Kathak and folk dances in Malhar and Suratirtha, Kolkata’s two well-known cultural institutes from 1991 to 1997.
(3) From the year 1997 teaching Kathak and folk dances at Bengal Music College, the oldest and the most prestigious institute of Kolkata. Senior students appearing for Lucknow Visharad examination receive lessons from Surangama. She is teacher-in-charge of Kathak and Head of the Dance Faculty.
(4) Conducts a flourishing dance centre ‘Suchanda’ at her residence, where students of all age groups are taught Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Folk Dance, Manipuri, Kathakali, Dance with Rabindra Sangeet and creative dance. The students appear for dance examinations conducted by Prayag Sangeet Samiti.
(5) She has given lecture demonstration to foreign delegations from Germany and USA. She also gave demonstrations to artistes in Pina Bausch’s group when they were in Kolkata, they video-filmed her dance.
(6) She taught Indian classical dances to the students of International Partnership For Service Learning(IPSL), which is based in New York for the last ten years.
(7) She was invited as Guest Professor by the Department of Applied Theater Science of Justus Liebig University (Giessen, Germany) to teach the Theory and Practice of Kathak Dance for the winter semester of 2005. She is the first Indian Kathak artiste to receive this honour.
(8) At present teaching and also the course co-ordinaator at the PERFORMING ARTS THERAPY CENTRE at the RABINDRA BHARATI UNIVERSITY, KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL.


Given many performances at Jamshedpur, Delhi, Kolkata, Noamundi, Joda, Simla and also at other places since 1965. Danced with renowned artistes like Shakti Nag, Naresh Kumar, Arati Mazumdar, Poly Guha and others. Choreographed many recitals based on classical and traditional Indian dances.
• Given several performances in Kolkata and outside since 1991. Warmly applauded by the media.
• Took part in dance recital on Delhi Doordarshan in the year 1984.
• Choreographed several recitals for Suratirtha, Nabagitanjali, renowned cultural institutes and Bengal Music College and also for her own centre, Suchanda.
• Visited Germany in 2000, 2003 and 2005 and gave recitals and conducted workshops in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Essen, Heidelberg, Geissen,and Paderborn. Also conducted workshops in Cologne and Marburg. Her Recitals were highly acclaimed.
• Visited England, United States and Canada in 2002 as Indian Classical Dance Examiner, nominated by Prayag Sangit Samity and also gave performances over there.
• Performed at Nehru Centre, London and at Manitoba University Hall, Canada in the year 2002.
• Visited Chicago as Kathak dance examiner in 2003 and also gave performance at International House Hall of Chicago University.
• Visited Germany in 2006 to conduct Kathak classes and workshops in Giessen and Marburg. Also gave performance at the Indian Embassy, Berlin.
• Visited Edinburgh in 2006 to conduct Kathak dance workshop and gave performances during the Edinburgh Festival.
• In 2007 visited Germany to teach Kathak to senior students, hold lecture demonstrations University of Heidelberg, Germany and joint
performances with artistes of Flamenco dance.
• In 2008 visited Germany to teach Kathak and gave performances. Gave lecture demonstration at Justus Liebig University, Giessen Germany.
• In 2009 visited Germany for workshops and performances. Gave lecture demonstration at the Musicology Department of Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany. Also performed at the Indo-German Society, Giessen along with her German disciples.
• In 2010 visited Germany for teaching Kathak and folk dances. Gave lecture demonstration at Philipps University, Marburg (Religionswissenchaft).
• Presented Paper, held workshop and also performed at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge,UK. She was invited at the Conference of Music Therapy and Dramatherapy with children in Educational and Other Settings (30th November to 1st December 2012).
• Performed at Indo-German festival held in Goettingen, Germany on 25th November, 2012. She was the only artiste from India to perform there, she was invited specially for this programme.


At present, engaged in conceiving dance movements based on Kathak with Western Classical Music and Rabindra Sangit. • Conceived and choreographed a unique ballet in Kathak style based on the poems and songs of the great German poet, Heinrich Heine. This recital was performed at Max Mueller Bhavan, Indian Museum(during German Festival in India), Mahajati Sadan,Gyan Mancha and other places. It was highly praised by the connoisseurs and the media. Parts of this programme were also telecasted.
• Surangama is the first one to conceive and choreograph Sant Kabir’s Doha in Kathak style, which was highly appreciated in India as well as in Foreign Countries.
• Conceived and choreographed Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Indian Classical Dance form. She is the first one to present Macbeth in dance drama style, which was highly acclaimed by the media.
• Choreographed the IPTA (Bharatiya Gana Natya Sangha) songs in Kathak and folkdance form, which was widely praised by the mass.
• Presented German poet Goethe’s West-Oestlicher Divan in Indian classical dance style at the German Consulate in Kolkata.
• Choreographed and presented Schiller’s “Ode To Joy” in Kathak style at the International Symposium on Schiller at Paderborn.
• She has choreographed with various Sufi & Qawwali songs in Kathak style.
• She has created a beautiful rendition of ‘Stree r Patra’, a brilliant short story by Rabindranath Thakur.


(1) Examiner of Kathak dance, both theoretical and practical at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
(2) Gave judgment for Nehru Talent Search Competition for more than 8 years.
(3) Examiner of theoretical and practical examination of Classical Indian dances organized by Tagore Society, Jamshedpur.
(4) Examiner of Prayag Sangit Samity, Allahabad.


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